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「Let me hear your endless story.」

♔ a n g e l a

Angela; 16; female; a full-time fangirl. I'm an incoming senior high school student who relies too much on caffeine and believes in (morbid) fairy tales. I like to come off strong, though in reality I'm just as fragile as everyone else is, maybe even more. I love to dream, and I love taking risks and proving myself wrong when it comes to things that I thought I'd never be able to do. I'm anti-social and can be really awkward at first, but once I have taken a special liking/interest to a person, expect me to do my best to get to know that person better and slowly get comfortable with him/her.
This serves as my online and personal journal, thus this would be filled with all things that fancies me: from updates about my life every now and then to random musings about the world to spazzy fandom rants. I don't add random people so if you want me to add you back, you must comment on my welcome post first.
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